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Service & Repairs

In conjunction with our storage service we are able to provide a comprehensive service for the repair, servicing and certification of your caravan or motorhome.

We all know that regular servicing and maintenance of our precious assets can help ensure a long and trouble free life, but arranging for this can be a torturous and convoluted exercise. At South Meadows we are proud to be able to provide this service on site and at very reasonable prices.

We are all aware of the hazards of carbon monoxide. Safety and quality are our key objectives and we will ensure that your caravan or motorhome meets all of the certifications required to ensure that your insurance is valid and that you are safe while enjoying your investment.

Services offered are listed below for your convenience. Please contact the office for more information or if you require a different service as this may be arranged.

Services Offered

Price + VAT

Caravan Single Axle Service


Caravan Double Axle Service


General Labour Charge


Panel Damage Repair


Window/Skylight repair/replacement


Caravan Wash Single/Double Axel


Water System Check


Gas Safety Check/Certificate


Gas Service


Static Winter Drain Down


Caravan Interior Valet


Motorhome Habitation Certificate


All offsite work travel charged at £40 per hour to the nearest 15 minuites.

Payment is due on collection