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Following a winter of improvements and regular maintenance the new season is fully underway.  Even throughout the winter we have had a steady stream of visitors wishing to get away and enjoy the magnificent Northumberland coast and countryside.

Meanwhile bookings for the new season are up on last year; this includes new and existing clients.  We take some pride in this but we’re not sitting back.  There are further plans to improve South Meadows which we’ll mention in future blogs.

As an indication that we really are doing things right, we’re pleased to announce that following a recent inspection by the AA, we’ve been awarded their highest rating … 5 Pennants!

carisoprodol online uk

AA Gold Award – 5 Pennants 2017

The AA said …

An excellent, justifiably very popular site that is ideally situated to exploit the many beauties and attractions of the nearby Northumbrian coast. The sheer quality and attention to detail across the whole site is reflected in the extremely high Quality Score that it continues to have.

It is recommended that South Meadows retains 5 Pennant and its excellent Quality Score of 93%.”

In the meantime, if you’re planning a visit you may be interested in some of events taking place over the next few weeks.

An image of Bamburgh Castle with wild flowers

Bamburgh Castle in early summer

On the 28th and 29th of May … the Vikings are coming to Bamburgh Castle!  Hosted by the ‘Herred of the Vikings” the event will show what life was like with a tented camp, talks and demonstrations.

Find out more at buy carisoprodol online


On the 29th May, Etal is holding its regular Craft Fair and Market.  Situated inside the delightful village hall in Etal there are plenty of stalls to browse and buy from.  Enjoy a chat with the friendly stall holders then call at Lavender Tearooms for a cuppa or a light lunch.  Admission and parking are both free!  Find out more at order carisoprodol online

Also at Etal, on the 4th of June is the Festival of Heavy Horses.  The Festival was started back in 2013, and showcases these magnificent horses.   Visitors will also be able to see vintage farm machinery from the horse drawn through to the mechanical.

watson carisoprodol online

A pair of matched draft horses in full harness

“Handmade and Home Produced” is a very important part of the era of the heavy horse, and the show offers a wide selection food producers and crafters.

More information can be found here cheap carisoprodol online and the directions to Etal are here buy cheap carisoprodol



how to buy carisoprodol

Pork pie and a glass of beer!

Later in June on the 24th and 25th in Alnwick, there is a “Taste of the North” event showcasing the best of local food and drink.

However, if your requirements are more immediate we have many excellent restaurants and pubs in the area offering a wide range food and drink.  The closest are:

  • The Bistro at Sunnyhills Farm Shop (almost next door) offers breakfast and lunch daily. They also serve dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • A little further into Belford is the Salmon Inn, a friendly village pub with a comfortable beer garden and great pub food served daily.
  • At the top of the village the Blue Bell Hotel will offer you a friendly drink and the Black Swan is known for its entertainment and its food.