Making South Meadows even greener …

When it comes to the environment, we take our obligations very seriously!

Red Admiral butterfly



Of course, we want the park to look good and the facilities to be the best … but we’re trying to do that whilst thinking about our energy consumption, how we deal with waste and, not least, encouraging the local flora and fauna to thrive.

That is something we can all enjoy.





As you may know, we’ve completely refurbished the existing toilet / shower block and we’ll soon be opening another one further down the site.  Both these blocks have been fitted with highly efficient energy insulation and both have been fitted with the latest heat recovery system.

This ensures that around 70% of the heat generated during the use of these facilities is recovered, significantly reducing the energy usage.  And let’s face it … we all like a warm bathroom!

Recycling whatever we can


Our solar panels continue to generate a proportion of our electricity needs throughout the year … in the 12 months to the end of January 2018 we generated over 11,000 Kilo Watt hours of renewable electricity.

In the office we’re doing as much as we can to recycle what we can and avoid using resources … especially paper.  All of our holiday homes have been provided with recycling bins and which then feed the bigger recycling bins behind reception.  The amount we do recycle shows a steady increase year on year.





Around the park, our landscaping programme is on-going.  So far, we’ve planted over 10,000 beech hedging trees to break up the site as well as providing a natural habitat for insects, birds and hedgehogs.

We’ve installed a number of bird and squirrel feeding stations around the park to encourage wildlife.  In the woodland walk areas, we’ve consulted with experts to understand what to plant to encourage insects which provide a natural source of food for a wide species of birds.

Later in the year, more planting will take place, specifically to encourage butterflies.


Song thrush


We really want to make South Meadows more than just a camping and caravan destination … we hope to make it a place where all of our customers can really enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer.

Lastly, our new toilet / shower block will open soon … with showers and toilets for men and women, a disabled toilet, a disabled wet room and toilet, 2 family showers, a baby bath area … all with underfloor heating.

We look forward to seeing you soon.