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  • Seasonal pitches available

  • Level and well drained camping pitches

  • Free power showers and family bathrooms

  • Brand new laundry facility

  • Free pitching and levelling service provided

  • Brand new play area

  • Newly developed super pitches

South Meadows is the ideal base for touring caravans, motorhomes and tents, whether you’re breaking your trip overnight or are enjoying a longer holiday exploring the many attractions of the glorious North Northumberland coast.

Equipped with all the facilities you need, our quality campsite provides spacious landscaped pitches for caravans, tents and awnings, plus there’s plenty of room for your car too.

Our campsite is family and pet-friendly.  Top of our agenda is to provide you with a great location where you can kick back and relax. We don’t pitch your tent for you, but we’re happy to site, position and level your caravan while you sign in at the office.

South Meadows is close to the beach and just a short walk from Belford’s shops, cafes and pubs. But if you’re simply seeking a chilled break with the kids, you don’t even have to venture off site to enjoy our fantastic play area, recreation ground and safe woodland walks.

Badge Preview

Average Rating / 219 Total Testimonials

4.9 Out of
5 Stars

Carisoprodol buy uk, Does soma 350 mg get you high

DateGrass PitchSuper Pitch
2nd January – 24th May£19.75£22.75
25th May – 28th June£21.75£24.75
29th June – 30th August
Plus all Bank Holidays, including Xmas & New Year
31st August – 31st December£19.75£22.75
Pitch prices include:
  • one car
  • up to two people
  • any children under two years old
  • up to two dogs (must be kept under control while on the park)
Supplements:Per Night
Extra child (2-16 years old)
Extra adult£6.00
Extra pet £2.00
Extra car £5.00
Full awning£4.50
Porch awning£3.50
Late check-out (when available)£5.00
Large tent supplement£5.00
Non-refundable deposit of one night’s stay is required on booking

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