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Outdoor music has become a real fixture of the British summertime and if you’re staying at South Meadows, enjoying some al fresco sounds should really be on your agenda this July.

The Rothbury Music Festival, around 40 minutes away from Belford set in a stunning traditional market town in the Coquet Valley in the shadow of the Simonside Hills, runs from July 15 to 17.

Marking its 40th anniversary in 2016, the festival has featured on BBC Countryfile, and brings together a fantastic mix of music, poetry, education and entertainment with food and craft stalls.

It’s a truly great day out, where there is something for all ages. Children play a big part in the festival and local schools put music, singing, dancing and poetry on the curriculum throughout the year in preparation for the event.

If you want to discover more about Northumberland’s traditional music and spoken word heritage, this is the festival for you.

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Traditional musical instruments

You’ll find poetry read in the local dialect and Northumbrian pipers – including workshop sessions if you want to delve deeper into this unique musical instrument.

Throughout the weekend, there are live performances of music, poetry and story-telling sessions, workshops and competitions. What really marks the event out though is the interactive element, where everyone is encouraged to get involved in singalongs, dancing and having a go at new things.

Rothbury is turned over to the festival with music and dancing filling the streets and venues around the town for the weekend. The fun kicks off with the Tony Corcoran Ceilidh Band and ends with the traditional Final Fling dance, which starts at 11am on Sunday.

You can view the full programme of events at carisoprodol online uk.

Meanwhile, if classical music is more your scene, be sure to check out the Proms on the Lawn at Kirkley Hall. Bring a picnic and a blanket for the full effect.

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Open air brass band

Set in the wonderful surroundings of this grand house, which is now part of Northumberland College and has its own gardens and zoo on site, the event takes place on Friday July 15.

The evening features live music from Ellington Colliery Band, which will be playing a classics and modern pieces, accompanies by the beautiful voice of Northumbrian soprano Rachel Dyson.

You can find out more about the event and how to book at order carisoprodol online.

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Northumberland is home to more castles than any other English county, from romantic ruins to glorious stately buildings that are still inhabited and open to the public.

If you’re staying at carisoprodol uk buy, online carisoprodol is just a short drive away, and the nearby magnificent carisoprodol online cheap really should be on your itinerary too.


Alnwick Castle is home to the Percy family – the Dukes of Northumberland – and has a long and fascinating history.

Over the summer months, there are plenty of opportunities to find out more about the castle’s heritage – ancient and modern – and get involved in some fun and entertaining events for all ages.




From Friday July 1, the State Rooms will be bedecked with blooms for a flower festival to raise funds for the county’s branch of the SSAFA, the armed forces charity. The nine State Rooms will be filled with more than 30 creative displays with the largest commemorating the Battle of the Somme, which started precisely 100 years ago on Friday and cost the lives of more than 60,000 people in one day.

The flower festival can be seen until Sunday (July 3).

The castle also remembers the Battle of the Somme on July 17, when the Band of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will be performing.


Alnwick Castle’s starring role in film and TV productions is on the agenda with events throughout the summer.

It famously substituted for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies and also hosted the hit TV series Downton Abbey, where it was an integral location for the final episode.

For adults, stories of behind the scenes and filming anecdotes are included as part of a tour of the TV and film locations within the castle in a 45-minute tour every day during the summer.

Kids will of course love the Harry Potter connection, and on July 9 and 10, 23 and 24 and again on July 30 and August 1, they can mix with Potter-inspired characters.

Kids are encouraged to dress up with their finest witch and wizard costumes for their visit.


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Antique furniture


Often called the Versailles of the North, Alnwick Castle is also famous for the treasures contained within its lavish State Rooms, including artworks by Canaletto, Titian, Van Dyck, and Turner.

State Room tours take place every day until July 20, and you’ll also be able to view possibly the world’s most expensive pieces of furniture, which are on show at the castle.

The Cucci cabinets were originally made for Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles and were bought by the Duke of Northumberland in 1822. Only one other Cucci cabinet exists and it sold for an incredibly £4.5 million back in 2009.




The Castle’s long history – there has been a castle at Alnwick for more than 1,000 years and it has been the Percy family home for 700 years – offers plenty of scope for entertaining adults and kids alike.

On July 25-29 and again on August 16-20, the fighting knights are at the castle, with a special knights’ school teaching the skills – and chivalry – of the medieval age.

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Fighting knights in armour

how to order carisoprodol online

There’s a lot more to a visit to North Northumberland than beaches and castles, and if you’re staying at South Meadows, you might be surprised by just how much culture is just on the doorstep.

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Two singers singing a duet

During June and July, you’ll find some quality theatre and opera on offer in Berwick. The town’s buy generic soma is the most northern venue in England and is staging an eclectic programme over the summer months. In the next few weeks, you’ll find local, national and touring shows on offer, that attract audiences from across the region.

The Maltings will be hosting a live broadcast of the Royal Opera’s production of Werther on June 27.

The piece, which is sung in French, is based on Goethe’s novel The Sorrows of Young Werther and is written by Massenet.

It tells the story of poet Werther’s love for Charlotte, which cannot be fulfilled because she is committed to another man. The passionate piece stars Italian tenor Vittorio Grigolo stars as Werther, with Joyce DiDonato as Charlotte.

Directed by the Royal Opera’s Music Director Antonio Pappano, the show is being broadcast live to Berwick from The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

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A British soldier from WW1



The mood changes on July 1 when the poignant World War I drama The Accrington Pals comes to The Maltings, in a theatre production raising funds for the Anthony Nolan Foundation.

The play concentrates on the radical changes wreaked by war on the men who left the small Lancashire mill town to fight and the women who stayed at home during a period of major change.

Mixing light touches of comedy in the domestic scenes with the horrors of the Battle of the Somme, it’s an acclaimed piece that will entertain audiences and make them think.


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Ready for the opera



Scottish talent is on display at The Maltings on July 8, with the Byre Opera’s production of The Turn of the Screw is performed as part of the Berwick Festival Opera season.

The ghostly operatic story is being staged by the University of St Andrews’ in house opera company.

The eerie opera, based on Henry James’ famous ghost story, is directed by Tania Holland.


This is just a taster of some of the culture that you’ll find in North Northumberland during the summer. Whether you’re seeking opera, music of all genres, theatre or film, you’ll discover a packed programme of events to complement your trip to one of Britain’s finest counties and coastlines.

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Spring has most certainly sprung here on the north Northumberland coast, and we’re making the most of the brighter days and longer nights at South Meadows.

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Anyone for Quidditch?

The kids may be back at school after the Easter holidays, but there are plenty of things to do and see for families and couples if you’re making the trip to South Meadows during the rest of April and for the May Bank Holidays.

April at Alnwick Castle, just 15 miles down the A1 from Belford, is packed with things to do, especially if your little ones are Harry Potter fans.

Famous as the location for Hogwarts in the first couple of movies based on the books, the castle is hosting a Potter inspired characters event on April 30, at the start of the first May Bank Holiday weekend.

The event returns on May 21, so there’s a double opportunity to get your fill of the magical characters.

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Falconry at Alnwick


The Castle’s medieval past is also brought to life in April and May, when the Trouvere Minstrels pay a visit in April 16, and you can see Raphael Falconry put their birds of prey through their paces over the Bank Holiday weekend from April 30 to May 2.

The hugely popular Knights School and a Longbow Demonstration will also be part of the castle’s Bank Holiday fun on April 30 to May 2, and kids can find out how to become a motley fool at the Jesting with Zooted event on May 15.


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Dog agility display

A little further down the road is Kirkley Hall, which has a superb zoological garden plus lots going on for visitors in April and May.

Your little princesses will love the Ice Queen and Princess party on May 8, and there’s a big family event the next weekend (May 15 and 16) with the Kirkley Countryside Festival.

It promises to be a great day out with a fun dog show, stalls packed with food, arts and crafts and displays in horse riding, tree climbing and dog agility. Foodies will love Kirkley’s Farmers Market on May 29, coinciding the the month’s second Bank Holiday weekend.

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Fresh bread at the market

It promises to be a busy spring period here in Northumberland, so if you’re heading to South Meadows, you won’t be short on options for days out. That’s if you can tear yourself away from the beach, the great walking trails, or just the opportunity to kick back and relax at our family-friendly holiday park.


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Having a holiday home on the glorious Northumberland Coast used to be a dream that was out of reach for many people, but that’s no longer the case.

Many people who visit South Meadows with their tourer have enjoyed staying with us so much that they’re keen to have a permanent base on the site.  And who can blame them?  South Meadows is a fantastic escape from the stresses of daily life, where you can relax with the family in a friendly atmosphere with great facilities, which is close to the coast and easy to get to from the A1.

Today’s affordability of caravan holiday homes means that it’s no longer a luxury to own your own bolthole near the sea.  For the start of the 2016 season, we’ve handpicked seven new and two pre-owned quality holiday homes that are available to buy at South Meadows, and we’re confident they won’t be standing empty for long.

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Swift Alsace exterior

Top of the range is the new Swift Alsace, which features modern design, two bedrooms, a bathroom with shower and fully-fitted kitchen.

This 39’ x 12’ caravan is fully insulated and centrally-heated and provides a luxury home from home on the coast for £49,495.

The Pemberton Marlow is a spacious caravan holiday home with the accent on design, with a modern décor in purple and green.  Measuring 35’ x 12’, it packs plenty of options inside, with two bedrooms, an open plan living area, well-equipped kitchen and bathroom for £41,995.


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Willerby Winchester Lounge


The Willerby Winchester is new for 2016, with a large living and separate kitchen space, and bedrooms designed with a boutique hotel feel.  This model, which makes the most of the available space, costs £37,995.

The Abi Haywood is a large caravan with plenty of space for families.  With modern design, pastel colours and full-sized shower, it is a well-designed, practical caravan with luxurious touches that costs £33,395.


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ABI Hartfield kitchen


The Abi Hartfield, at £30,295, is a bright and airy caravan holiday home with an en-suite master bedroom and family shower room.  There’s plenty of room, whether you’re a couple or have a young family.

The Swift Loire, which costs £29,895, is a great value compact new family holiday home with lots of practical features and a combined kitchen-dining area to make the most of the available space.



Our final new caravan holiday home for the start of the season is the Willerby Mistral, offering great facilities for the family at a budget price of £23,995.

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Willerby Mistral lounge

We’ve also selected two pre-owned models that are available for buy at South Meadows this year. The Swift Moselle, at £29,500, is one of the brand’s bestsellers, and the Willerby Sunset offers a bargain entry point into caravan holiday home ownership at £19,995.

We’d be delighted to show you around the new and used holiday homes, so please get in touch if you’d like a tour.  Your own spot of heaven on the Northumberland coast could be closer than you think.

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where can i buy soma

New drainage going in

Most people think a holiday park is at its busiest during the summer, and while that may be true when it comes to the number of people on site, winter 2015/16 has been anything but quiet at South Meadows.

We’ve been using the off-season months to make changes at our site close to the Northumberland Coast to offer improved facilities for campers, tourers and our customers who have a static holiday home at the park.

Although many places were battered by heavy rain and flooding both before and after Christmas, we were fortunate not to be affected by excessive surface water. We already had a comprehensive land drainage programme in place and we’re continuing this on any parts of the site that need it. So when you arrive at South Meadows, you can be assured that we’ve done our best to make sure it’s as dry as possible.

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New fully serviced pitch

We’ve also been busy with improvements to pitches across South Meadows. There are now 11 new super pitches – which boast electrical and water hook-ups and ‘grey water’ drainage – at the Willows 1 Area.

buy soma cheap in the uk

New tarmac at South Meadows

The grass pitches at The Willows 2 Area now has a Macadam ring road to counter any bad weather conditions, and pitches at Cherry Drive have been upgraded with new Macadam parking bays and roads.

We’ve installed a number of new parking areas too in the Seasonal Touring Area, to offset any grass conditions in the early and late parts of the season. Across South Meadows as a whole, we’ve upgraded our street lighting.

Plus, the final 20 static pitches on the park have been completed, and given the level of enquiries, we’ve received already, we expect these to sell out this. So if you’re interested in a new caravan holiday home at South Meadows, don’t leave it too late.

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Hedgerow robin

Finally, our commitment to the environment and the wildlife that is a much-loved feature of our park has not been forgotten. We’ve planted almost 2,500 extra hedging plants and standard trees, which also adds to the privacy of the site while providing homes for birds and insects.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the improvements, so whether you’re a regular or first-time visitor to South Meadows, please let us know what you think.

soma buy next day delivery

Welcome to South Meadows’ new website.

It’s not just our facilities that have undergone an upgrade over the winter months, we’ve also improved our web presence so you can get the most out of the site.where buy soma

We’re been looking at how we can best provide you with a glimpse of the South Meadows experience online and among the new introductions is a soma buy online.

It showcases every aspect of our park close to the Northumberland Coast, with a look at the site, our caravans and facilities, and includes some fantastic aerial shots to give you a real feel for South Meadows.

It’s almost – but not quite – as good as being here yourself.

We hope it gives you a taste of what we have to offer, and that you’ll be joining us on-site soon to see South Meadows in person.


The new site has been redesigned to make it more user-friendly. You can find out more about bringing tents and tourers to the park, explore our luxury lodge, browse the holiday homes for sale and our storage and servicing facilities from the easy-to-navigate homepage.

soma buy without prescriptionOur online booking system makes it even easier to book your break with us, whether you want to camp in our award-winning campsite or bring your touring caravan to Northumberland.


Our prices for camsoma generic buy discreteping and touring caravans are clearly displayed, with information about what is included with the pitch and the extras you may want to book to make your stay in North Northumberland even more memorable.

We’ve always been justifiably proud of our reputation and the fact we have regulars who stay with us time and time again.

Now it’s easier to leave your feedback on our new review page, so other people can find out what you think about South Meadows and we can use the information in our efforts to continually improve and offer the best possible visitor cheap soma ipharmacy


We’re now emailing everyone to ask for their comments after their visit and we look forward to hearing from you – and what you think of our new website.

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The North Northumberland Coast’s distance from the big cities is one of the most attractive thing about it for many visitors, but that doesn’t mean nothing happens here. In fact, if you’re seeking culture, you’ve come to just the right place.

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Alnwick Castle and the Lion Bridge

Within easy reach of South Meadows, events and entertainments are being staged throughout the summer months, whether you want to listen to world famous singers or watch outdoor Shakespeare in stunning surroundings.

You’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re a music fan with the appearance by Sir Tom Jones outdoors at Alnwick Castle topping the bill. Sir Tom is the star of this year’s Alnwick Pastures concert on August 8 and come rain or shine, he’ll be wowing the crowds against the backdrop of the Duke of Northumberland’s ancestral home. Find out more at soma buy next day.

soma to buy uk

Outdoor music at night


The legendary singer and coach on The Voice appears at the end of the eight day Alnwick International Music Festival [want to buy soma without a prescription], which has been bringing performers from around the world to this part of Northumberland since 1976. You can see colourfully-costumed singers, musicians and dancers at various venues around the town, including street performances. The festival runs from August 1-8.



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The B-Festival

Bamburgh is also staging a summer Music Festival in a day on July 31. The B Festival event at the Castle features an eclectic line up of classical, opera, folk, jazz and pop, and the ticket price of £15 is raising cash towards Hospice Care Northumberland.

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Such a good cause !!!

Find out more at the event’s Facebook page at buy cheap soma from canadian pharmacy.



A month later, head to the Castle to enjoy outdoor Shakespeare on Bank Holiday Monday, August 31. This year, it’s the romantic comedy, Twelfth Night, performed by the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Contact Bamburgh Castle for more information.


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Singing together

At the start of September, the very first Lindisfarne Festival takes place at Beal from the 4th-to the 6th [buy soma no prescription/].

The event will be held at Beal, just next to the causeway to Holy Island and brings together music, food, alternative therapies, arts and crafts, workshops and much more.


Finally, if you prefer culture of the historic variety, head to Berwick which is celebrating its 900th anniversary with events throughout the summer, telling the tale of the town which has swapped hands many times between English and Scottish ownership. You can find full details on the Berwick 900 website [buy soma link suggest].






best place to buy soma online


Whether you’re a keen participant or prefer to watch from the sidelines, there’s plenty of sporting action from the adrenaline-pumping to the more sedate taking place close to South Meadows throughout the summer months.

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The Chevy Chase Fell race


The buy soma in Houston 


The famous 20-mile race takes place for the 59th time on July 4th.

Starting and ending in Wooler, this endurance race over testing terrain takes in both the summit of The Cheviot and Hedgehope Hill.



A rather newer inception, and a great spectacle to watch, is the buy soma in Phoenix in Bamburgh on the weekend of July 25 and 26. Junior and senior competitors will swim, cycle and run different courses in the shadow of Bamburgh Castle.

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Starting the swim

If you’re interested in traditional country activities, try buy soma in San Antonio and Sheepdog Trials on August 1.

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Border collie herding the sheep

The biggest agricultural showcase in the area is buy soma in San Diego at Wooler on Bank Holiday Monday, August 31.



September 9 sees the arrival of the Discover Britain Cycle Tour to Northumberland. This major event will see competitors race from Wooler to Alnwick, then down the coast to Blyth.


You’ll find plenty of activities running all summer long that you can try your hand at. Bamburgh boasts a buy soma in San Jose and it’s also a great place to watch cricket on the Castle Green.  Check the fixtures buy soma in Detroit.

buy soma in San Francisco

Croquet at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland


If you’ve always wanted to gallop a horse along the beach, buy soma in Jacksonville in Seahouses takes out one and two-hour beach rides for experienced equestrians where you can enjoy views of Bamburgh Castle and the Farne Islands.


Watersports fans, whether you’re a sailor, surfer, kite-surfer or diver, are well served with facilities at Beadnell Bay … buy soma in Austin.


Or what about buy soma in Fort Worth? This involves swimming, climbing and scrambling through tunnels and is sure to get the adrenaline going!