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If you’re a cyclist or a recycler – or both – you’ll find South Meadows is the ideal spot for your break.


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Recycling at South Meadows

The environment has always been high on our list of priorities, from our three acres of woodland that provides a fantastic habitat for wildlife, to the solar panels that help to power the park.


Now, we’ve taken our green commitment further by offering the full complement of recycling facilities on-site for glass, cardboard and plastic bottles, so you can be confident of doing your bit while you’re on holiday.


Now to the cycling.


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Cycling together on holiday

The North Northumberland coast is hugely popular with cyclists and South Meadows is perfectly placed if you want a crack at order carisoprodol online.


Running for a total of 192 miles from Edinburgh to Newcastle, 85 miles of the route hugs the stunning Northumberland coast.


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Cyclists in Northumberland

The route is ideal for both committed cyclists and those who want to take to two wheels to explore while they’re on holiday, because it’s mostly flat.


You’ll be able to enjoy some of the amazing views that North Northumberland is famous for – from Lindisfarne and its ruined priory, to the glorious Bamburgh Castle and Farne Islands, down to Dunstanburgh and Warkworth Castles and beyond.

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View of Dunstanburgh Castle from the South


Cycling at your own pace is a perfect way to discover more about this part of the world, whether you’re interested in wildlife, heritage, the friendly Northumbrian villages or just want to get your fix of fresh air.

So next time you head to South Meadows, don’t forget your bike!




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If you’re heading to South Meadows to your holiday home or with your tourer or tent in the next few weeks, we thought we’d act as your social secretary and spotlight a couple of the local events that are taking place.


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Cricket on the green at Bamburgh


The late May Bank Holiday weekend is always a busy one and there’s plenty going on to keep visitors to this part of the glorious Northumberland coast entertained. If you fancy something a bit different, what about Bamburgh Fair?


The event is held on Sunday May 24, the day before the Bank Holiday, and again on Sunday August 30, to coincide with the August Bank Holiday.

Based in the barns at Bamburgh Hall Farm at the centre of this historical village, Bamburgh Fair is a traditional fair compete with bunting, teas and plenty of goodies to buy.


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Grace Darling Memorial

After you’ve explored the stalls, check out the village itself: you can see Northumbrian heroine Grace Darling’s grave at St Aidan’s churchyard next door and find out more about her life at the museum dedicated to her memory opposite the church.


Plus, Bamburgh has one of the best beaches in the UK, and the castle needs no introduction.


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Shire horses in action




If you’re visiting South Meadows in June, head along to Etal for the Festival of the Heavy Horse [buy carisoprodol uk] on June 7.

Now in its third year, you’ll have the opportunity to see beautiful heavy horses in action, giving demos, being shown in hand, ridden and driven.

Plus, there’ll be vintage tractors, machinery and a food and craft market. Adult tickets cost £10 and under-16s are free, and your entrance fee also includes entrance to Heatherslaw Cornmill.

And watch out for events being planned at South Meadows to promote our new range of holiday homes we have for sale.


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The Northumberland Coast is a haven for wildlife and if you’re staying at South Meadows, you don’t have to go very far to spot some of the UK’s rarer creatures.


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Red squirrel in the woods

Our three acres of well-established woodlands provide the perfect habitat for the red squirrel. Watch out for a glimpse of russet tail as you wander through the woods, which are currently carpeted with bluebells. Northumberland is one of the few strongholds in the country for the native red squirrel, which is being driven out by its larger grey cousin.

We’re proud that the habitat at South Meadows is playing a part in the survival of this beautiful creature for future generations and we always love to hear from our guests when they spot one in the woodland.

Many people have never seen a red squirrel in person before and treasure their encounters when this shy little mammal puts in an appearance.


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Otters by the burn

The burn running beside the park is also home to another creature that isn’t often spotted in the wild – the otter. After once being hunted to the verge of extinction, otters are now making a comeback across the UK. Because they’re such secretive creatures, seeing them in the wild is a real thrill.

It’s also a great time of year to see deer and hares in the fields around South Meadows.



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Puffins at the Farne Islands


For a guaranteed wildlife fix, nothing beats a trip to the buy cheap soma. You can take a boat trip from Seahouses, where you can see grey seals, colourful puffins and a huge array of birdlife.

Or head inland to see the buy soma generic around Chillingham Castle. Numbering only around 100, these white beasts are rarer than the giant panda, and are the sole survivors of the wild cattle herds that once roamed Britain’s forests.



Northumberland is an amazing location for enjoying some of the experiences you just won’t get elsewhere. Seeing rare animals in their natural habitats is something that will make your trip to South Meadows a holiday the kids are guaranteed to remember for a long time to come.


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Chillingham wild cattle


soma buy


If you’re thinking of buying your first caravan holiday home or upgrading from your current static, we have two exciting models on site now at South Meadows to check out.


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Willerby Solstice Exterior

First timers making the move from a tourer will love the stylish and practical Willerby Solstice. With wrap around seating, this 36ft x 12ft holiday home has an open plan living area and plenty of storage space and 3 bedrooms.


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Willerby Solstice kitchen

You’ll find a well equipped kitchen and a family shower room, plus central heating, an electric fire and energy efficient lighting. This double-glazed model is aluminium clad with steel roof sheets and is a budget-friendly £17,995 which includes siting, connection fees and 2015’s site fees.



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ABI Ambleside Exterior

The top of the range ABI Ambleside is a fantastic model if you’re looking to upgrade. Measuring 40ft x 13ft, this is a luxurious and spacious two-bedroom holiday home with an en-suite shower and WC. Furnished in gorgeous plush fabrics, with carpeting throughout, central heating and gas-powered water heater, it really is a home from home


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ABI Ambleside living area




The open plan lounge/diner has an electric fire and the kitchen comes complete with integrated fridge-freezer and an externally vented powered cooker hood.


The Ambleside has front patio doors and Oak ‘Low E’ PVCu Thermaglass double glazing throughout. It’s available to buy for £49,995.


The two new models are part of a range of holiday homes to view at South Meadows, which we’ve selected to meet everyone’s budgets and requirements.

South Meadows really is the ideal location for a static caravan holiday home. We’ve put a lot of thought into creating a peaceful, flat, open and landscaped site with a real family friendly feel. Of course, we’re close to the beautiful Northumberland coast and its miles of sandy beaches and plenty of things to do and see throughout the year.

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South Meadows holiday homes

So many of our holiday home owners started off visiting us with their tourers but loved the park so much they decided to buy an onsite home.

Maybe it’s time to join them?


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Little wonder it’s known as the merry month of May when it starts and ends with a holiday.


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Welcome the May Queen

The Late Spring Bank Holiday – what was traditionally known as Whitsun – is a Christian celebration but May Day, which opens the month has its roots going back into pre-Christian history. Marked as the start of summer and a festival of fertility as the world sprang back to life after the colder months, with May Poles, May Queens and Morris Dancing, May 1 is now the start proper of the holiday season.


It’s a fantastic time to visit us at South Meadows on the Northumberland Coast: our three acres of woodland is knee-deep in bluebells, and the meadow that the park is named after is peppered with traditional wildflowers. Plus the nights are getting longer, the weather is – we hope! – getting warmer, with summer literally just around the corner.

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Early morning sunshine in bluebell woods

South Meadows is known as a pretty tranquil spot, especially before the rush of the summer season proper gets underway. That means May is a perfect time to visit if you want to get away from it all, even if it’s just for a few days. And if you have teenagers with exams looming, they don’t have to miss out because the quiet nature of the park means it’s an ideal place to revise.


If you’re looking for things to do and see, you won’t be disappointed either. Head up to Berwick on the Sunday before the Bank Holiday (May 24) for the May Fair Party on the Parade at the Barracks Museum. You’ll find music, entertainment and smashing Northumbrian cream teas from 11am until 7pm. The colourful Mayor’s Parade also takes place through the town, which is this year celebrating its 900th anniversary. There’ll be lots of events marking the date throughout the year.

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The River Breamish in spring

And if you want to walk off all that cake and take in some local history too, you can find out how prehistoric Northumbrians lived in a guided walk taking in Iron Age Hill Forts in the Breamish Valley on May 27.

The walk starts at Ingram, near Powburn, less than half an hour’s drive from South Meadows.


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We’re absolutely thrilled to report that South Meadows has earned another top industry award to add to our Visit England five-star accolade.


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Yvonne and Jim (centre and right) receive the award

We’ve been presented with the AA Gold 5 Pennant award upgrading us from the 5 Pennant award achieved last year. This latest accolade comes after receiving a 90 per cent score in the new awards, which were introduced last year to recognise top quality parks which have a commitment to continual improvement.


The 5 star is the top award in the Gold Pennant scheme and we’re hugely proud to have achieved it, alongside our 2014 North East AA Campsite of the Year title. To earn it, a park must be ‘of an extremely high standard, set in attractive surroundings with mature landscaping. Facilities, security and customer care are of an exceptional quality’. We received ‘exceeds expectations at this level’ in this category.

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The 5 Gold Pennants


Our AA inspector highlighted improvements we’ve carried out at South Meadow including the removal of four metres of conifer trees from the camping field to allow more sunlight through, and the installation of wi-fi for visitors.


He said: “The site looked really smart, as one would expect, with the usual high standard of grounds maintenance. All pitches were exceptionally well manicured and, during my visit, the grounds staff were busy mowing and tidying up edges. The modern facilities block was spotlessly clean despite the site being exceptionally busy.

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Award Winning Park

AA inspectors are all caravanners and campers themselves and book onto sites anonymously to carry out their assessments. That means they have the same experience when they visit South Meadows as any of our guests and aren’t being given any ‘special treatment’.

It’s great to know that the improvements we are carrying out and our efforts to make South Meadows a really top park that is meeting – and exceeding – our visitors’ expectations are paying off. We’d love to hear what you think about the site too.


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There’s a definite scent of spring in the air here at South Meadows, and the lighter nights and finer weather are many people’s cue to start deciding when to take their 2015 breaks.


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Holy Island, Northumberland



To make it easier for you to plan your visits to South Meadows, we’ll be putting together a number of what’s on blogs to highlight some of the events and attractions that are taking place not too far from the park. So whether you’re coming in spring or summer with a tent or tourer, or will be taking regular breaks throughout the year in your holiday home, we’ve cherry picked some of the best things to do and see.


It’s not until September 4 and 5, but there is already a big buzz about the very first Lindisfarne Festival []. Taking place at Beal, opposite the causeway to Holy Island, the event promises an eclectic mix of music, food and alternative therapists.


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Strong Viking on his ship looking to beach

It’s a fact that kids love Vikings and this part of the Northumberland Coast is famous for taking a bashing from the Scandinavian invaders. You can celebrate the area’s Viking heritage during the May holidays with events at Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne Priory, with everything from tales of Viking derring-do to shield painting and a kids’ battle.


Berwick upon Tweed celebrates its 900th anniversary in 2015 and there are a host of events taking place throughout the year.


The annual Riding of the Bounds on May 1 is a sight to behold, whether you’re a horse rider or not; visit the Tweedmouth Feast, celebrating salmon fishing in the River Tweed with a huge range of events from July 16 to 19, and enjoy a taste of Border fayre at the Berwick Food and Beer Festival from September 4 to 6.


In October, Ford & Etal Estates and the Alnwick Garden are planning a series of Hallowe’en-themed events. And Ford & Etal will be hosting a Christmas Market on November 28 and 29.



So now’s the time to start planning!


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Spring flower meadow

If you’ve chosen a caravan or camping break on the glorious Northumberland Coast, it’s likely that being close to nature is a key element of what you’re looking for in a holiday.


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Bamburgh sands

South Meadows is located in one of the most stunning parts of England, where we benefit from our proximity to the rugged coastline and miles of white sandy beaches, views of the Cheviot Hills and some truly spectacular countryside.


We’ve taken inspiration from our surroundings to create the kind of caravan park that blends in with our beautiful surroundings, and also provides a visual delight for our visitors, no matter what time of year you’re here. However, it’s fair to say that spring at South Meadows is a real highlight.


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Bluebell woods


We have three acres of ancient woodlands on site, which change with the seasons.

Currently, we’re enjoying a superb crop of snowdrops and later, we’ll be knee-deep in bluebells, before the wild orchids bloom over the summer.


The woodland is always a hit with visitors with dogs and is a great place for a walk and wind-down from the stresses of daily life. And the South Meadow from which we take our name remains as a wild meadow, where you’ll see plenty of flowers and wildlife during the summer months.


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Woodland hare … just visiting

We’ve also invested in improving the natural feel of the wider park, planting more than 7,000 hedge plants in 2014 which will mature to provide a habitat for wildlife and break up the site.


You’ll enjoy the sight and scents from the well-stocked borders and the careful, sympathetic landscaping that all goes towards creating the natural feel that South Meadows visitors love.


The park’s green ethos extends to our commitment to sustainability, with solar panels responsible for generating much of the electricity that’s used on site.


Why not come and check it out for yourself?


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buy soma no prescriptionSouth Meadows is proud to be rated as five-star site by both the AA and Enjoy England and we’ve spent more than £100,000 in the last few years to create an absolutely top quality holiday park here on the North Northumberland coast.


But we’re not standing still or resting on our

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Camping in 2015

laurels and over the autumn and winter, we’ve been putting in further improvements to create the kind of holiday environment you’ll remember for all the right reasons.


One of the big changes you’ll notice when you return this year is the redeveloped shower and toilet block, which we’ve expanded, and we’ve tarmacked all the hardstanding road areas to make life easier for tourers. Our reception area has also been remodelled to make it more comfortable for you when you’re registering or want to talk to our staff.


We take our green credentials very seriously, and we’ve previously invested heavily in solar panels to provide much of the energy that is used on-site. Plus, we’re working to boost our recycling facilities.


South Meadows is very much a family holiday park and that means we’ve also invested in the kinds of facilities that will keep the kids – and their parents – happy. Our secure fenced-in play area has a fabulous choice of swings, slides and zip wires, all with a nice soft bark landing. And our massive 16-acre amenity area is hugely popular, whether you fancy a game of football with your neighbours or just want to take your dog for a run.


Our investment has been targeted to deliver the best quality holiday to our visitors, whether you’re staying in your static holiday home or arriving in a tourer or camping. We know our visitors’ requirements and expectations are always changing, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions about how we can make the park even better for you.